On your feet for physio – 24 hour run, jog, walk

  The Physio Department at Cork University Hospital and Cork University Maternity Hospital spend hours and even days-worth of time on their feet each week, working to better the lives of people across Cork, Limerick, Kerry, Tipperary, Waterford and Kilkenny. On January 21st we invite you to join our London Marathon Team for a 24-hour [...]


CUH installs hives to ease children’s bee and wasp sting fears FREE PIC - NO REPRO FEE - June 14, 2022Cork University Hospital Apiary launch.Pictured are Iulia (10) and Eric (7) Dumitrescu along with mum Anda, consultant pediatrician at CUH and keen beekeeper.Brian Lougheed CUH has installed beehives to ease the [...]

Woman who mistook stroke for hangover runs 10k to thank CUH medical team

A mum-of-two who mistook her stroke for a hangover, is gearing up for a 10k to thank the medical teams which helped her reclaim her life. Hairdresser and Dublin native Francesca Murray, 45, suffered paralysis on her right side and lost her ability to walk after the terrifying emergency here in Kerry nearly two [...]

Meet the team – Claire Concannon

MEET THE TEAM - Claire Concannon, Head of Development and Marketing What is your favourite part about your job? I’m in an extremely privileged position to see first hand the impact CUH Charity donors make on our frontline workers, patients and broader community connected to CUH & CUMH. It’s an honour to [...]


"My aunties showed me that our legacy isn’t how people remember us when we’re gone, it’s how we inspire others when we’re alive. " - Trent Alexander-Arnold Buy your raffle Tickets! Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold is one of the most accomplished players in the world. At just 23 years old, he [...]

Meet the Team- Michael Nason

Meet the team - Michael Nason, CEO CUH Charity Name: Michael Nason Role: CEO  What is your favourite part about your job? Learning about how to be healthier and in particular the simple changes we can all make that would make such a difference What is your favourite [...]