Finances & Accountability

We value every donation to CUH Charity and we appreciate your trust in us. We also understand that we must earn that trust every day.

We promise to be open and transparent with all aspects of our finances and governance. 

Here you’ll find our most recent audited financial statements as well as details of our different governance policies and process to ensure your privacy is protected, your voice is heard and that we communicate openly with you about how your gifts are used.

Audited Financial Statements

Please find a copy of our latest Audited Financial Statements. These have been prepared in accordance with the Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) and Financial Reporting Standard FRS102.

Your Gifts at Work

Together we’re achieving some amazing things. See how your gifts have been put to work in Cork University Hospital – funding a wide range of life-saving equipment and life-changing services.

Our Donor Charter

Your support and trust is so vital to us. And we promise to always treat you with the respect, honesty and openness you deserve. Our Donor Charter lists our commitments to you, our supporters.

Complaints Policy

CUH Charity is committed to ensuring that all our communications are of the highest standard. We welcome both positive and negative feedback, so that we can continue to improve.

Privacy Statement

CUH Charity is committed to protecting your privacy. Our Privacy Statement outlines how we collect, store and use your personal information in compliance with Data Protection Acts 1988 & 2003.

Charity Registration

CUH Charity (CHY 17293) fully embraces the work of the Charities Regulatory Authority and support their efforts in enforcing and regulating all aspects of the 2009 Charities Act. To find out more…