Tax Efficient Giving

A pen and a few minutes of your time, could have a life-saving impact!

1. If you donated €250 of more in one year to CUH Charity
2. You are an Irish PAYE or Self-Assessed Tax Payer.
Your gift can be worth 45% extra at no cost to you.

All you have to do is complete this CHY3 Form and return it to us at CUH Charity. We’ll do the rest.

Donation Calculator

Enter the amount you give in a year to see how much your donation could be worth to CUH with tax rebate

How does it work?

In 2013, changes to the charity tax back scheme meant that if an individual PAYE or Self-Assessed tax payer made a donation of €250 or more in one year, the charity could get a tax refund. This refund can make your gift worth up to 45% extra, without costing you a cent.

Once you sign the CHY3 enduring tax relief form and return it to us, its valid for five years. That means if you give €250 or more in any of the next five years it will have almost 45% the impact.

For example, if you donate €250 we can claim a refund of €111.32 making your total gift worth €362.32. All you need to do is simply complete the form, return it to us and we’ll look after the rest.

If you’ve any questions about tax efficient giving or how to complete your form, please get in touch.