A-Z of Fundraising Ideas

If you’re looking for fundraising inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Ideas for fundraising are endless and we’re constantly amazed by the creative new ideas that our volunteers, schools, and corporate supporters come up with. Here is an A-Z of some of our favorite ones…

An Auction – this can be a great office event or even a night out for a group of friends. Auction your friends off for different services like your manager doing the coffee run every morning for a week or somebody has to make their infamous cake to bring in for everybody. Then the highest bidder gets to decide the task.
Bag Packing – getting a group together to pack bags at a local supermarket or shopping centre. However, you do need permission from the store and a garda permit for this one. But it is a good way to make some money and do a good deed for charity and shoppers alike
Coffee Morning – Sell some tea/coffee and cakes one morning in the office or locally in aid of the charity. It’s a cheap way to make a profit if each person pitches in and bakes a cake.
Dress Down Day – get everyone in the office to have a casual day out of suits and high heels, get everybody to pay in for the luxury.
Easter Egg Hunt – Hide chocolate eggs around a garden, playground or sports field and let the children hunt for the eggs. Ask people to donate to take part, or run a raffle on the day.
Fashion Show – You could showcase a new line from a local boutique and you and your friends could have fun showcasing it to your local community, get people to pay for entrance. You could hold a raffle at half time to raise more money.
Guess the Number – have a simple raffle where they have to guess how many sweets are in a jar and have to pay for their guess. Whoever guesses right wins a prize.
Hobbies – get your heads together to see which of your hobbies you could raise money from e.g. massages, sponsored walk, bake sale etc.
International Potluck – each person or guest gets a different country and has to bring a dish from that area that can be shared. It’s perfect for a fun gathering of friends or colleagues.
Joke-a-thon – they say laughter is the best medicine. Test how long can you keep your friends in stitches? Add prizes for the best joke and the best laugh.
Karaoke Night – hold a karaoke night for you and your friends.
Lunch-less day – get your colleagues to bring in a packed lunch rather than going out for lunch and donate the money they would have spent to your charity instead.
Matched Donations – try and get your company/colleagues to match your donation to the charity.
No-Uniform Day – The perfect school fundraiser, give everyone the change to ditch their uniform for a day for a small donation.
Organize Events within Events – look at any local events coming up and see can you hold a raffle or a fundraiser at the event.
Party – why not have a themed party as a fundraiser? 60s, 70s, 80s, beach, Christmas, there are endless options for a themed party and why not charge an entrance fee for charity.
Quiz Night – organise a quiz night in a local pub and ask each table participating to pay a fee to compete.
Raffle – hold a raffle in your local area and get the local businesses to donate prizes so that the money made is all profit.
Sponsored Sacrifice – Get people to sponsor you and your friends to give something up – food for 24 hours, your beard or your long hair, or a bad habit.
Treasure Hunt – Set up a treasure hunt in a school or group, can be a fun game for adults and children alike. Get each team to pay a participation fee.
Unwanted or unused gifts – Ask friends to donate any unwanted/unused gifts that they would like to get rid of, use them as prizes for a raffle or sell them in a car boot sale.
Valet Service – offer to clean cars inside and out for friends, family and neighbours.
Wine and Cheese reception – Charge admission to a night of games and socialising. Get each person to bring a bottle of their favourite wine and donate on the night.
X-Factor Competition – organise a fun talent show at school or work and see who has got the X-factor. Collect a small donation to attend and add raffle prize and fun on the night.
Yoga-athon – instead of a walk or a run why not organise a yoga-thon. Get your community or colleagues or classmates together, indoors or out, for one large yoga-thon.
Zany clothes day – Instead of dressing down, this is all about dressing up. The zanier the better! Ask for a small donation to wear and add prizes for the wackiest costumes.

Next Steps

Did you find an event idea you’d like to run? Now the hard part is done, it’s time to have fun organising it. You can set up your online event fundraising page here to make it easy for friends, colleagues and classmates to donate.

And don’t forget to get in touch with us, so we can send you out collection buckets, t-shirts or any other supporting materials you need.