Walk in their Shoes – Sponsored by Skechers

Did you know that over 5,000 people work in CUH and CUMH?

These people are the hospitals’ hidden heroes. They take thousands of steps every day. They do this so your friends, family, and loved ones get the best care possible.

This March, you can celebrate the people who work behind the scenes – you can Walk in their Shoes.

You will match their daily step count for a month while raising vital funds for CUH and CUMH.

By taking up the challenge you’ll support those in Munster who need the hospitals’ vital services. Funds raised will help enhance equipment, facilities, and services for both hospitals. Join our hospital workers’ daily mission of saving and changing lives.

To get involved and to get your free t-shirt just choose your team and sign up today:

Walk in Rachel’s Shoes

Rachel is a Play Specialist and walks 12,827 steps daily!

Walk in Saoirse’s Shoes

Saoirse is a Healthcare Assistant and walks 18,257 steps daily!

Walk in Susan’s Shoes

Susan is a Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist and walks 10,654 steps daily!

Walk in Gary’s Shoes

Gary is a Porter and walks 29,516 steps daily!

Walk in Maeve’s Shoes

Maeve is a Dietician and walks 20,248 steps daily!

Walk in Marie’s Shoes

Marie is a Physio and walks 15,411 steps daily!

Walk in Anthony’s Shoes

Anthony is a Catering Assistant and walks 13,699 steps daily!

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