Cork’s 96FM Giving for Living Radiothon will be live on air on 26th, 27th and 28th May 2016. Listen out to hear how you can help make real change happen.

This year’s Giving for Living Radiothon will support cancer services in Cork in; the Mercy Hospital, Cork University Hospital, Marymount Hospice, Breakthrough Cancer Research and Cork Arc Cancer Support House.

You can support Radiothon by signing up to become a Friend for Life and make a donation each month or  you can make a One-Off Donation to Radiothon.

You can also support by running your own coffee morning or by getting a Giving for Living Change Box to collect coins! If you’re a student or a teacher, why not organise a No Uniform Day in your school.

As part of the Cork’s 96fm Giving for Living Radiothon 96fm will play stories about people’s personal experiences with cancer. With your support, we can make real change happen to ensure those dealing with cancer get the care they deserve right on their doorstep.