Please support the incredible staff of Cork University Hospital (CUH) and Cork University Maternity Hospital (CUMH) by playing your part in dealing with the Covid- 19 virus.

As we all have to make adjustments to our working and personal lives due to the Covid -19 virus we would ask you to please keep in your thoughts the frontline workers and all support staff at Cork University Hospital (CUH) and Cork University Maternity Hospital (CUMH). They are going above and beyond, including putting their own health at risk, to ensure that they can provide the best patient care possible to the most vulnerable in our communities in Munster in these very challenging times.

We are so grateful to the doctors, nurses, administration staff, porters and catering who are playing such a vital role and are providing exceptional care. We have heard of countless examples of teamwork and solidarity by staff across departments.

Outside of their profession these women and men are just like us – they are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, daughters and sons, aunts and uncles and, like us, I’m sure never expected to begin 2020 with a pandemic. And yet they have faced these difficulties with such a resolve. We owe it to them to follow all healthcare guidelines on how we can individually play our part in dealing with the Covid-19 virus.

I’m sure each of you or a loved one has, at some time in your life, been in the care of CUH or CUMH doctors and nurses. As the designated charity of CUH and CUMH we have heard so many stories about the gratitude that families have for them and how they have made their patient journey a little easier by their warmth, compassion and kindness.

The greatest support you can show them currently is to listen to the advice of the HSE and follow their guidelines ( – and you can play your part with them to flatten the curve and to continue to reduce the risk to the most vulnerable.

As we have received messages of support from individuals and businesses for all the staff of the CUH and CUMH we have shared this with them and it has lifted their spirits to know their efforts are being recognised.

Our heartfelt thanks to all CUH and CUMH staff and indeed all healthcare staff who are working at the frontline.

Michael Nason

CEO, CUH Charity

The use of Covid-19 donations at this time, will as always, be agreed in conjunction with the Management Team of the hospitals.

CUH Charity has a number of ongoing focused appeals to support departments in the hospitals. We are, as always, grateful to the public for all their support.