When we heard that 5-year-old Jackson from Cork decided to raise money for CUH Charity and became an author we were desperate to know more!

His little sister Abby was cared for in the paediatric neurology unit at CUH which got it all started…

Here is an interview with Jackson:

What would you like to be when you grow up?
A Cork hurling player

What did you do to raise money for the hospital?
I wrote a book called ‘Santas toy’. I drew the pictures and my mom wrote down the story I told her because I can’t write all the words yet.

Jackson and Abby with his book ‘Santa’s Toy’

Why did you decide to raise money for the CUH charity?
Because they helped my sister and my mom wanted to give them money. I think it’s a kind thing to do.

How do you feel after raising so much money?
I feel great, I like helping the hospital. It feels awesome.

What would you like to say to the doctors and nurses working in the hospital?
Thanks a lot for helping my sister. I hope you enjoy the money.
(Note: All funds raised will go to the paediatrics department 🙂 )

Why is doing nice things for other people important?
Because it shows kindness. And the hospital is very important for sick children.

Can you explain what COVID-19 is and what people need to do at the moment?
It’s something you catch a cold off and for kids, it’s not too bad but for old people, you could actually die. We need to wear masks, number one. And we need to stay 2 metres apart. And we have to wash our hands.

Well said, Jackson!! And thank you for being a Fundraising Superhero!