We have an exciting new event!

WE NEED YOU! Register today for the first CUH Charity Triathlon. There is a long and short race available, with individual and team options… this really is the race for everyone! Get your friends, family or colleagues together for what promises to be a great day out.

FIND OUT MORE: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/cuh-charity-triathlon-registration-247170843647

There are more than 173,000 cancer survivors living in Ireland. The number of survivors is predicted to double over the next 25 years, mainly due to improvements in early detection, effective cancer treatment and new developments in treatment.

There is a huge difference between CURE and RECOVERY. We can cure a cancer, but how do people recover?

Often people and their families are left with not only physical scars, but emotional and economic scars too. And we need to treat those.

The funds raised from the CUH Charity Triathlon will fund a research project which provides a dedicated nurse led clinic for women who have survived Cancer to guide them through the various stages of their journey.

This research is required to transform individuals’ experience of cancer by helping to better understand the needs of patients after a cancer diagnosis; improve assessment and responses for these needs and problems; and investigate cancer survivorship interventions leading to the delivery of more holistic, person centred and evidence-based quality cancer survivorship care. Your support will enable clinical and research teams at CUH, alongside collaborators locally and nationally, to drive this agenda with the ultimate goal of improved quality of life for those living with and beyond cancer in our region.

REGISTER HERE: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/cuh-charity-triathlon-registration-247170843647

We look forward to seeing you there on the day!