‘The care the babies and parents receive in Cork University Maternity Hospital Neonatal Unit is second to none. They are absolutely amazing at what they do’.                                                             (Lucia Wilson, mum of Mia and little Ellie Kate and grateful supporter of the Neonatal Unit at CUMH.)

In March 2016, Lucia had her first little girl Mia at CUMH at 26 weeks premature, weighing 2 lb 1 oz. Mia spent nearly 4 months in the Neonatal Unit which was a very tough time for Lucia and dad Francois but brave little Mia made it through.
In 2019 Lucia and Francois had their second little girl Ellie Kate also premature. Lucia had many complications but thankfully after 6 weeks got to take Ellie Kate home also.

In grateful appreciation for the wonderful dedicated care they received at the Neonatal Unit Lucia and Francois decided to run 5k a day for the month of January. As Francois was in the Lebanon they decided he would do 5K a day there and Lucia would do her 5k in Ireland. With the magnificent support from family and friends through some of the more difficult days in the month when little Mia was sick, €1,006 was raised.

We are so grateful to you Lucia and Francois for taking the time to fundraise for the Neonatal Unit and grateful to all those who supported you along the way.