This year we provided funding to the Speech and Language Therapy Department in CUH to renovate and refurbish their unit.This new space is now used for patients’ clinical sessions, administrative tasks, staff meetings and desk- based project work. The impact of this improved space means so much to the Speech and Language Therapists. They can meet their patients in a bright, spacious environment away from busy wards allowing patients to get maximum benefit from their therapy.

Speech and Language Therapists in CUH work across the spectrum dealing with any kind of communication problems, cleft lip and palette, stroke, head trauma ,motor neuron disease, facial paresis, elderly care and also work with babies and young people with cleft lip and palette up to 18 years of age.

What are the benefits to the patients?

The environment is better for conducting therapy, there’s natural light, space, quietness particularly for stroke and head trauma patients. It is  really important that patients have a quiet space away from wards. This new environment is conducive to working with patients, helping them concentrate and giving them a quiet space to focus on a lesson or exercise that is given to them. Prior to the refurbishment it was more difficult for patients to assimilate information and concentrate, particularly for patients with memory loss.

Staff have also seen tangible, positive benefits in this new working environment which maximises the use of space for team meetings, case discussions and project work, ultimately benefiting patients attending the service.